A Book That Provides Hope and Therapy for Children with Speech Delays

Angel's Awesome Alphabet Book is an augmented reality book that can help children with speech delays and autism.
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Angelique Marshall, author of Angel "s Awesome Alphabet Book, talks about her augmented reality children's book in a recent interview with ABC Channel 6 news. The interview has an in-depth discussion on how the augmented reality children's book helps children with speech delays and autism learn. She created an augmented reality Children's book that incorporates pictures and sounds. The ar book teaches letter recognition, sound recognition, and word identification through an interactive app. It also helps kids with word building which is essential for reading comprehension later in life.

Interview Transcript

A local woman brings books to life for children with speech delays and autism.

Action New's Photojournalist Todd Haas shows us how Angel's Awesome Alphabet Book uses augmented reality to help kids learn.

So the book is an alphabet book. It goes through A to Z, and basically, it's just having the letters pronounced in a fun way with rhyming words, "ivy's ic ice cream, igloo," and announces the words and pronounce the letters.

I'm Angelique Marshall; I'm the author of Angel"s Awesome alphabet book, an augmented reality Children's book.

Children with Speech Delays

I created the book because I wanted to support children with either speech delays or autism.

So you have to download the app on Itunes "Angel's AR Book" and then scan the book. When you scan the book, everything on the page comes to life.

Children with Speech Delays

It brings the images out, teaching the reader how to pronounce the letters.

I work with children with delays, and that was my inspiration. Children love computers, and they love iPads and phones.

But I also wanted to stick with books, and I wanted to have something a child can flip through.

To get that feedback back, "this is really teaching my child" that's what I love to hear.

In conclusion, children with speech delays and autism can benefit from using augmented reality books. Not only do they help them develop language skills and social skills, but they also help them learn how to read and write. The book comes with an app that you download on a tablet or smartphone. Learn more about the Alphabet Book.