delay of speech
Angel's Awesome Alphabet Book is an augmented reality book that can help children with speech delays and autism.
Angelique Marshall
Fox 29 News of Philadelphia interviews Angelique Marshall on the creation of the " Alphabet Book with Augmented Reality "
Speech Delay In Toddlers
A speech delay in toddlers can be frustrating. As a parent, you want to understand what is wrong and how to help your toddler.
Visual Learning for Children
Children are great at picking up on visual cues. Visual learning for children is beneficial not only in the classroom but at home as well.
teach an autistic child to read
Autistic children can have difficulty learning how to read. With the help of augmented reality, children with autism can learn how to read more easily.
Augmented Reality Books for Toddlers
Teaching your child to read is now easier than ever before. You can now teach your child to read with the help of augmented reality books for toddlers.
Angels Awesome Books augmented reality autism 1
The Alphabet Book with Augmented Reality brings the alphabet to life in a whole new way.